faux floral arrangements to hire

I have recently started adding some premade faux floral arrangements to our rental collection, after seeing that our rental clients were in need of beautiful floral solutions for their backdrops/ chalkboards and easels.

Note, I am not renting out premade centerpieces, bouquets or other items, just the wreaths and garlands that are used to add pretty to easels, chalkboards, arches, backdrops etc. Also, my arrangments are premade, not custom. If you are looking for the aforementioned, it is best to contact a florist who can assist.

Having always loved the look of beautiful, real arrangements, I have been in the past been skeptical of silk flowers (also known as fake flowers, artificial flowers).

Faux flowers have a bad rap because people often associate these blooms with their Aunties fake, faded, dusty roses that have been perched in the middle of the dining room table for ages. It’s true that you do get horrendous silk flowers, that makes one shudder. However, nowadays you also get the most beautiful faux blooms, that look so authentic. We only use the highest quality silk flowers in our arrangements.

So why would you consider using one of our a faux floral arrangement or wreath?

  • It’s cheaper than real flowers (if you are renting – not buying. Silk flowers at retail is expensive, more so than real flowers).
  • You also save on the mechanics needed to create such a thingThey don’t need a water source, so won’t wilt in the heat.
  • They don’t have a scent, so its a wonderful option for people allergic to flowersYou aren’t using once-off floral mechanics that damage the environment (read: oasis)
  • Saves one time – you don’t have to create a floral arrangement the day before or on the day of your event. With our arrangements you just attached it with a cable tie and fluff the foliage out.

They are perfect for DIY brides, who are planning their own florals, especially those who are planning a destination wedding.

But, they aren’t the only ones renting:

  • I have also had florists rent my silk arrangements, and I know it because they know how much time and effort goes into making one with real flowers, that they are only too happy to opt for this solution, and they pop in a few real blooms on the big day, if there is a specific color palette they have to stick to.
  • I have had bridesmaids rent them for the bridal shower they are throwing because they want the pretty but don’t know how to make a flower garland, and their budget doesn’t allow for a florist to make one for them.
  • I have had people rent them for their birthday celebrations because they realized last minute they want the pretty/

You can see my collection of silk flowers here

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